Health and Safety

The safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors, and anyone impacted by our operations is a core value of the Company.  We believe that accidents and injuries are preventable and don’t “just happen”.  HighPoint has accepted the obligation to provide a safe workplace and each employee has a vital responsibility to contribute to working safely.  Through such joint effort, an accident and injury free work environment can be achieved.  In keeping with this philosophy HighPoint will:

  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for all individuals in the work place. This includes tools, equipment, and materials free of recognized and preventable hazards.  Safety procedures will not to be compromised to achieve other goals.
  • Design, construct, operate and maintain our facilities in accordance with all applicable standards, laws, and established safety practices.
  • Recognize that an effective safety program extends beyond normal working hours. HighPoint will provide effective on-the-job safety and health management, and will encourage safety in employees and their family’s off-the-job activities.
  • Maintain safety rules and procedures with firm and fair enforcement and effectively communicate these expectations to all employees.
  • Provide necessary supervisory and employee training so that each person can acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to perform their work in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Promote good health and safety attitudes by enlisting the support of all employees through communication and appropriate recognition of superior safety performances.
  • Achieve leadership in accident prevention and health protection by constantly improving safety performance with the objective of eliminating accidents and exposure to hazards.

One of the cornerstones of HighPoint’s Health and Safety Program is our Stop Work Authority Policy which empowers anyone on any HighPoint facility to stop work if an unsafe condition or act is observed.  Other key program elements include an extensive list of Health and Safety Policies and Procedures coupled with a training program that features monthly live classroom training, computer-based training, and on-the-job training.

Health & Safety Performance

At December 31, 2018, HighPoint employees had worked over 1,000,000 hours without injury.  In 2018 HighPoint completed our third consecutive year without an employee injury.  This has led to a best-in-class total recordable injury rate of 0.0 versus the 2017 industry average rate of 0.9 injuries per 200,000 hours worked.

Contractor Safety

HighPoint has established a robust and proactive contractor safety management program.  At the core of this program is the use of ISNetworld to evaluate service provider safety programs and performance. Through the ISNetworld’s online database, supervisors can verify that all service providers are qualified to work for HighPoint. Once a service provider has been approved to work for HighPoint, routine spot checks and inspections will be used to ensure that HighPoint’s requirements are being met. Use of the ISNetworld system not only allows HighPoint to verify the safety performance of our contractors, it also allows us to evaluate the performance of our family of contactors against industry-specific performance.  In 2017 HighPoint contractors experienced, on average, 34% fewer incidents than the industry average.

NOTES: Industry average published by United States Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  Data not published for oil and gas exploration and production sector in 2014.  Data not yet available for calendar year 2018.

HighPoint partners with our contractors to ensure that all contractors are aware of their right to invoke Stop Work Authority without fear of retribution. We work collaboratively on incident investigations and regularly hold work group level focused health and safety discussions to review project-specific hazards and reiterate HighPoint’s contractor health and safety expectations.

Health and Safety Leadership

HighPoint’s EHS professionals are active in many local and regional safety-orientated associations including the:

  • Front Range Emergency Resources Co-Op
  • Weld County Local Emergency Planning Commission
  • DJ Basin Safety Council
  • American Society of Safety Professionals – Oil and Gas Specialty Practice Group
  • American Industrial Hygiene Association – Rocky Mountain Section

Our participation in these organizations ensures that HighPoint’s EHS staff have access to a vast network of oil and gas oriented EHS professionals who can provide valuable insight as we seek to continually improve our health and safety program.

Safety Data Sheets

HighPoint maintains a library of Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for the products we produce such as crude oil and natural gas.  These SDSs contain information on the hazards associated with the products HighPoint produces as well as guidance on how to respond to any incident involving the products such as a spill or fire.


HighPoint maintains a robust and comprehensive health and safety training program consisting of monthly live training sessions as well as computer-based training.  Both training programs are complemented with “hands-on” training and demonstrations at HighPoint facilities.  HighPoint field employees are trained on over 25 topics annually – receiving a minimum of 24 hours of health and safety training every year.  Certain employees and supervisors receive additional specialized training such as confined space entry and rescue or reasonable suspicion for alcohol and drug testing.  All HighPoint field employees are certified in First Aid and CPR and this training is also made available on a voluntary basis to all HighPoint employees.

Whistleblower Hotline

Any employee or third party may submit a good faith complaint regarding improper activities believed to be engaged in by the Company, including environmental, health, and safety matters, to our third party whistleblower hotline without the fear of retaliation. Our third party hotline is maintained by Navex Global and can be reached at 1-800-826-6762 (Company ID: HPR).

Driving and Vehicle Safety

HighPoint conducts a minimum of 4 hours of driving-orientated safety training annually for each employee who operates a company vehicle.  Additionally, every company vehicle is equipped with GPS-based vehicle monitoring system.  This allows us to not only monitor driving performance, but also to ensure employees working alone in the field can be constantly accounted for.

Employee Wellness

In addition to providing a safe working environment, HighPoint strongly promotes a healthy lifestyle for all employees. HighPoint offers all employees reimbursement for gym or recreation center memberships, visits or punch cards, personal training, fitness equipment and devices, fitness classes, weight-loss, smoking cessation and other qualified wellness programs, up to $720 annually.  HighPoint’s benefits program also provides HighPoint employees access to an Employee Assistance Program free of charge.  The service provides resources to offer employees solutions to everyday issues such as selecting child care, financing a car, as well as more serious issues such as alcohol or drug addiction, divorce or relationship problems.